The Fragments Podcast

Conversations about dementia: empowerment over impairment.

Welcome to the Fragments podcast!

Alongside our work in care homes, we've also been busy recording a new podcast series about living with dementia. We're a group of artists, so we're definitely not experts on the subject, which is why we tracked down those who are and spoke to them at length so we could share our findings with you.

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Episode 1: Melanie Burke

In episode one we talk with Dr Melanie Burke, a Cognitive Neuroscientist at the University of Leeds about the science behind dementia.

Episode 2: Jo Bailey

In episode two we talk with Jo Bailey the Wellness Coordinator at Anchor Care Homes in Leeds.

Episode 3: Brian Sugden

In episode three of the Fragments podcast we had a very raw, honest and moving conversation with Brian Sugden, who sadly lost his wife Audrey to dementia.

Episode 4: Richard Graham

In episode four of the Fragments podcast we speak to Richard Graham about the decision making process in care and how they support care homes across Yorkshire.

Episode 5: Nicky and Rosa

In episode five of the Fragments podcast we speak to Nicky Taylor who is a Theatre and Dementia Research Associate at the Leeds Playhouse and then had a chat with Nicky and Rosa Peterson, who is living with dementia, at our immersive park at Oak Tree Lodge Care Home in Leeds.

Episode 6: Jude Woods

In this episode we spoke to Jude Woods who works on the Friendly Communities project with Leeds Older People's Forum and Time to Shine. Jude shares about how communities can become more age and Dementia friendly and how Leeds compares in age-friendliness. Jude also talks about the Age Proud Campaign and the importance of putting older people first in all elements of the project. Time to Shine funding has been extended, so Jude’s amazing work shall continue.

Episode 7: Team Fragments

In the final episode of the series Anna, Chris and Lily reflect on their first visit to Oak Tree Lodge Care Home and then talk about the project as a whole and what they learned from it. Thank you for listening to Fragments. If you have any recommendations of people we should speak to next - do get in touch. We will be back soon!

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