The Fragments Podcast

Conversations about dementia: empowerment over impairment.

Welcome to the Fragments podcast

24th November 2019

Anna, Chris and Lily talk all things Fragments. Why are we recording these podcasts? Here's where you'll find out.

Episode 1: What is dementia?

24th November 2019

We wanted to learn more about dementia, so we visited academic researcher Melanie Burke. Her work is all about preventing dementia using infrared scanners to map brain activity.

Episode 2: Ban the bingo!

24th November 2019

Join us on our first visit to a dementia care home. Jo Bailey from Anchor Care Homes takes us on a tour of Oak Tree Lodge.

Episode 3: Friends and family

24th November 2019

A chat with Fiona Spooner, whose father-in-law is living with dementia... and a beautiful story by Brian Sugden, who cares for his wife.

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